SoulCare Membership Community
SoulCare Membership Community
Amanda Huggins

Amanda's SoulCare Coaching Community

An exclusive coaching community designed for you to work through your "stuff" to live from your soul

Amanda Huggins, resident SoulCare Provider

Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Amanda Huggins, your resident "soulcare provider",  professional Anxiety Coach, keynote speaker, and founder of this community. I'm here to empower you to life the life you  dream of  living, one where you feel connected in mind, body, and soul.  

My approach to coaching is a blend of three things: spiritual, scientific, and practical.


  • We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. The deeper I dropped into my own understanding of what it means to be a spiritual being in this universe, the faster I was able to manifest change, support, and success into my life. This is my absolute favorite grounding point to share with my clients & community.


  • I really nerded out for a few years studying quantum physics, human psychology, and neuroscience. It’s incredible how much can change once we understand how to harness the power of our minds, and I love love love teaching clients all about it.


  • As much as I love talking about science and the universe, we’ve got work to do! Maybe it’s the Virgo in me talking, but I find that coaching becomes ultra-effective when we’re creating actionable steps for you to step into your power. I'll hold space and keep you accountable, so that you can do your inner work.

The SoulCare Membership Community is perfect for you if:

You may have already begun your own "inner work" and are ready for deeper support and are ready to gain new insights to nurture your emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies.

You're starting to feel stuck, blocked, or stalled at a certain point on your independent growth journey.

You're ready to dedicate time to your own growth and healing.

You're excited to learn how to increase your self love and nurture your mental health

You want to push past your "growth edges" in your own personal journey

You're ready to develop a better relationship with your spiritual & intuitive muscles

What you can expect:

I like to coach and teach from a place of experience, education, and love. Each month, we'll cover a new SoulCare coaching topic ranging from the scientific (neural reprogramming) to the spiritual (inner child healing) and everything in between.

As a part of the monthly membership, you'll receive access to:

  • 2 Monthly livestreamed coaching lessons
  • Weekly "homework" to keep you plugged into your growth (And don't worry, it's the fun kind of HW. I promise!)
  • Journaling prompts and exercises so you can take your growth beyond this community
  • Custom monthly meditations
  • "Ask Amanda" Q&A where I'll pop in to help you workshop questions with you

And that's just the beginning.  You can also expect me to bring in additional experts and guest speakers, ranging from intuitive business owners to clairvoyant guides. 

What are some of the monthly themes?

Great question! Here's a taste of the kind of material we'll cover in the membership community:

  • Anxiety Management & Emotional Well-Being 
  • Honesty with Self & Others
  • Relationship Anxiety
  • How to Work Through Emotional "Blocks"
  • The Chakra System as an Emotional Healing Tool
  • Anxiety vs. Intuition
  • Neural Reprogramming 101

One of the best parts about this membership community is our ability to be nimble, intuitive, and responsive to community needs. If there's a rising interest in a new topic, or you'd like to spend more time focusing on the nuances of an existing topic, our team will integrate that feedback for upcoming monthly lessons.

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